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"Striving to break the stigma around mental health, promoting living as our authentic selves, and letting each other know we're all in this together."

About Chats With Nat

Chats With Nat focuses on personal growth and healing: mind, body, and soul. Through life coaching, Chats With Nat is designed to help you along your own journey by connecting through sharing real life lessons, perspectives, thoughts, and feelings. Through the courses offered, we'll share the real, the raw, the struggles and the triumphs, and we'll navigate moving forward in a positive, healthy way -- together.

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Through my own life challenges, I have come  to realize that talking about mental health, our struggles, lowest of the lows, and connecting with others through it all is something that gets to be not only normalized,  but encouraged. Chats With Nat is designed to be a safe place to land, a space to hold you and help you know you're not alone.

There is such importance in feeling our feelings and allowing ourselves to be upset, to heal, to grieve, to honor the grit, but it's so crucial to understand the significance of your decision to keep going. Life can be really tough, but we get to continue to have hope. I want to help you discover ways to cope and

move forward. 


Movement is medicine. So much of our emotional and mental health is linked to physical health. Creating healthy habits that work for us is the key to consistency which harbors results and long term success and lifestyle change. A lot of us know this but struggle with motivation to make it happen. There's always an opportunity to start again.

We can do it. Together.

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Ashley, CA

It has been such a treat to have had the opportunity to work with Natalie. She has been able to provide a listening ear, support when I needed it, as well as sharing from her past experience. I think the most important part of this process is allowing both of us to be humans, be vulnerable, open our wounds and help one another take strides to repair and move forward. I feel that Natalie is both authentic and genuine in the way she listens and provides a safe space for growth. It's such a different experience working with Natalie rather than working with a therapist because just as much as she is getting to know you as the client, she is allowing herself to be open about her past, and I think that allows for a really great trust to build. I would absolutely recommend making the investment in yourself and your future and work with Natalie. 

Mike, OH

I have worked with Natalie as my life coach for the past six months. I have seen a significant positive change in my overall attitude, which is due to her coaching. I would 100% recommend Natalie if you are looking for a life coach to help you make great changes in any aspect of your life. When I started with her, I had an overall pessimistic attitude about life.   Natalie helped me analyze my concerns about life, and we were able to come up with ways  to turn my attitude in the right direction. I have noticed a big change in my overall behavior and I am loving the progress that I am making.  Some of the subjects that I have made significant gains include my finances, my physical health, and having proper work/life balance. I think Natalie’s style of coaching has had an amazing effect on me. I feel her insight and perspective are always helpful. I believe that she 100% cares about my well being and wants the best for me. I respect my relationship with Natalie and plan on working with her for the foreseeable future.

Drazen, FL

Working with Natalie Bell... first of all, she has an incredible energy that immediately makes you feel comfortable and in a "safe" space to share and begin to open up about your life goals, dreams, and things that may otherwise weigh heavy on your mind and heart. You can easily tell she has a lot of knowledge of life from a practical and theoretical standpoint, which will help to move the conversation along and help you find clarity. Lastly? She's just a pretty amazing person that loves people, wants to help everyone she works with to move to the next level of life, and will work with you until you can feel the difference. There is so much more than can be said here, but instead, I will say this, do yourself a favor and book a "Chat with Nat".
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