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a four week group coaching course


WHY 888?

the number 888 represents good things being on the way

to us and encourages us to know we're on the right path.

I have found comfort in believing this through some of my darkest times,

and that's the goal of this course:

to move through life's gritty times, with trust that everything is

working out for us, even when it feels like it’s not.

I’m here to guide you through the times when it feels like it’s not.

I like to think about group coaching using the 4 Cs:


First we'll establish that we're all in this together, coming here for a common goal

- to feel better, to grow, to move forward. Vulnerability exchanged between humans is sacred and intimate, so respecting the shares of the group is essential.


Utilizing the community we build here, interacting with each other, and immersing yourself in the course material, ideas, and conversations is what is going to make all the difference in what insights, shifts, and life changes you walk away with - what you give is what you'll receive.


Your open hearts will what set the stage for the course. Your willingness to be vocal, to interact, to share freely and authentically - is what will allow yourself to be challenged, nurtured, and held here in this space. Honest communication is key.*


We all learn differently, process differently, come from different backgrounds, upbringings, life circumstances - and it's so important to give each other grace as we navigate this all together, yet in our own ways. Give compassion, give support, give love. 


the details:

During our 4 week course together:

-- we’ll dive into limiting beliefs that might be holding you back from moving forward that are contributing to the thought that things aren’t working out for you and have left you feeling stuck in a rut

-- we’ll work through the situation, event, or life challenge that’s currently causing inner turmoil for you

-- we’ll rediscover and re-own your power and strategize ways to move forward

This group course will include:

  • one 60 minute group call each week via Zoom

  • each call will include intentional content and "coursework" 

  • we will also use the telegram messenger app for communication amongst group in-between sessions for support, open shares, course "helpfuls", and a safe place for the group to hold space for each other

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