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with Natalie Bell

Hi there!

Thank you for applying to work 1:1 with me. Here are the steps of the application process.

1. Fill out my application form. It should take about 15 minutes to complete.

2. Once you're finished, I'll be notified of your entry and will read through your responses.

3. I will reach out to you via email if I feel we'd be a good fit to work together, and if that's the case, I will send my link to book your initial chatting call with me.

4. On that first initial chatting call, we will decide together if moving forward works for the both of us.

5. I'll send you a post call questionnaire, which also includes my options for courses to book, pricing, expectations, etc. 

So go ahead and fill out the form, I can't wait to read your responses. 

Chat soon!

xo,  Natalie

Out of the topics below, which do you feel resonates with you the most that you would like to focus on in our sessions together?
The package options for 1:1 coaching with Natalie start at $200 per month. Is this an investment you're able to make at this time?

Thanks for submitting!

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